Why You Should Investigate Before You Invest

Why You Should Investigate Before You Invest

investigateDo you investigate before you invest in something? I remember the first time I invested in something I did no research what so ever and guess what I lost my money.

The Law of Investing is one of the most important laws of money. You should spend as much time studying an investment as you do earning the money you put into the investment.

You work really hard at making money, so why rush into investing your money without doing any research. Investigate all possibilities before making any type of commitment.

Don’t Lose Money

If you did your homework and you still have any doubts about a particular investment don’t invest yet. Hold on to your money and wait until your gut feeling is usually right.

You want to take risks, but if you have feelings that you may lose money don’t part with it. Also if you feel you have enough where you can lose a little, that usually means you could lose a lot. A smart question to ask yourself before investing is, “what could happen if I lost all my money from this investment“. Could I handle that? If you can not, don’t make the investment in the first place.

Only invest with investors who have a proven track record with their own money. Invest in things you believe in and only take advice from financially successfully people.

3 Steps to Successful Investing

3 steps to successful investingFirst: Investigate the same amount of time as it took for you to make the money you invest.

Second: Invest in things you truly believe in.

Third: Only take investment advice from a financially successful person who already had success with a investment you are looking at.

Some Useful Laws of Money

I was inspired to write about The Law of Investing when I listened to The 21 Absolute Unbreakable Laws of Money. I highly recommend listening to this audio. Below I listed some other laws I have written to help you with your mindset about money.

Rich Thinking Tip 1 – The Law of Cause and Effect

Rich Thinking Tip 2 – The Law of Belief

Rich Thinking Tip 3 – The Law of Expectation

Rich Thinking Tip 4 – The Law of Attraction

Are You an Investor?

If you are I would love to connect with you. Do you currently invest? Did I miss anything you would like to add? I would love your feedback and I always respond to my comments. Thanks in advance for sharing.

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PS. The Same Advise Goes For Opportunities. You Should Investigate Before You Invest Any Money.

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