Why Use Craigslist For Your MLM

Why Use Craigslist For Your MLM

craigslist mlm tipAre you debating whether or not you should use Craigslist for your MLM opportunity? You should add Craigslist to your marketing plan, and here is why.

Entrepreneurs are everywhere you never know where and when you are going to meet them.

I bumped into a friend today from High School, someone I haven’t seen in years. We got into small talk and asked each other what have you been up to after High School. Turns out he never stopped going to school and has about 250,000 in student loan debt. He then told me he believes entrepreneurship is the way to go and he wish he went that route.

Are Entrepreneurs on Craigslist?

Sometimes I hear people say, “Craigslist is horrible for leads.” That is not true at all! Keep in mind like I said earlier entrepreneurs are EVERYWHERE! You never know when you are going to meet them, that is why I shared that story earlier in this post. Another thought to keep in mind is most people will try Craigslist and do nothing else. Craigslist is great for leads, but it should not be the only activity for prospecting you do.

You should add in active prospecting and 2-3 passive marketing tactics to your game plan. I heard someone say the other day when people just use Craigslist they end up dropping out. That may be true, make sure you do more than Craigslist for your MLM.

Final Thought

When people join your MLM opportunity sometimes they are in learning, practice mode. Craigslist is a great place for them to practice and learn. It will not cost them any money and your almost guaranteed to get leads. Entrepreneurs are lurking all over this site. Right now it’s the 9th most visited website in the United States.

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