Why Should You Build a Local Offline MLM Team

Why Should You Build a Local Offline MLM Team


tom doherty mlm teamYour team gets stronger when you build a local offline MLM team. They also stay with you longer. Isn’t that what you want? A stronger team that stays with you longer? Keep reading and this blog with help you build locally.

This picture to the left is at a local event here on Long Beach, New York with my primary company, Actor Billy Crystal and Professional Basketball Player Nancy Lieberman.

One Million dollars was raised to develop two beautiful multi-sport basketball courts called Dream Courts. This event happened due to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Long Beach was hit very hard when storm came through. This was a gift of hope for the people of Long Beach.

Building a Stronger Team

If you want your team to get stronger than you need to build locally. “Build locally and think globally”, I heard that when I first joined network marketing. Now a days with the internet it’s so easy to hide behind your computer. I believe things are changing and people want that honest, real feeling they get when they are a part of something in person. I’m not against the internet, I love the internet, I just use it as a tool to help me grow my business.

Network Marketing Communities Build:

  • Dreams
  • Belief
  • Culture
  • Vision
  • Hope
  • Teamwork
  • Retention

Should You Do Local Meetings?

tom doherty mlm offline teamSometimes when people hear offline meetings they cringe. I think you should do what you like. For instance, if you like meetings do them if you don’t than don’t. I will tell you this though they work. I do a meeting once a week for my local team at a near by Panera Bread.

If you want to start a local meeting and you are not comfortable doing them at your house go to a local coffee shop like Starbucks. As you grow a little start asking local restaurant owners if you can do a small meeting there once a week. Tell them you will commit to everyone atleast buying a drink and on one of their slow nights. Most restaurant owners will say yes. They love to have people in their restaurant buying on a slow night. As a bonus as they get to know you better they may join your opportunity.

What If No one in Your Area is Doing Meetings?

What should you do if no one is hosting meetings in your area? Should you get upset about this? I think you should step it up and start one yourself. You don’t need a lot of people to start one. It could be you and just one other person. So if your enroller lives in another state start a local one in your area (mine does and I did). As your team starts to grow, people will do what you do. Commit to it, sometimes it may just be you and one other person. If you stay consistent over time people will start showing up.

If you start to build up a nice amount of people local in your area, I’m sure your enroller will come out. I know I would. Did this blog help you understand the value of building a local team? Please share any thoughts or comments.


Much Success and Gratitude!

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