What’s The Difference Between a Wantrepreneur and an Entrepreneur?

What’s The Difference Between a Wantrepreneur and an Entrepreneur?


100-dollar-billsThis post will help you determine whether you are a “wantrepreneur” or an entrepreneur.

The biggest difference between a “wantrepreneur” and an entrepreneurcomes down to wanting it bad enough to take immediate action.

The “wantrepreneur” has every excuse you can think of. They have a great opportunity but they make every excuse why they can’t move forward. Excuses such as, “I have a full-time job”, “I go to school”, “the economy is bad”, “I’m not good at sales”, etc.

The “entrepreneur” moves forward and doesn’t sweat the small things. The opportunity consumes them, where they have to win no matter what. They will do anything it takes to finish. They wake up real early and go to bed real late. They find resources through people, networking, and the internet. They just get things done, and make things happen, period!

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Video Wantrepreneur VS. Entrepreneur

Do you have an opportunity that keeps you up late at night and wakes you up early? That is a sign you are excited about what you are doing. If you find yourself not taking action and you have an amazing opportunity in front of you than you may be a “wantrepreneur”. Leave me a comment and let me know if you are a wantrepreneur or an entrepreneur.

Much Success and Gratitude!

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