What is Live Ad Machine?

What is Live Ad Machine?

craigslist tipsLive Ad Machine is a training course with proven time-tested fundamental principles to help you have a breakthrough with your marketing on Craigslist. Live Ad Machine is not an auto posting software for Craigslist. After you go through the course you will definitely be pushing out ads like a machine!

Why Was Live Ad Machine Created?

If you are a marketer on Craigslist than you know all of the frustration, ghosted ads, flagged ads, deleted ads and even accounts on hold.  All the things us marketers hope not to see with our Craigslist accounts. It happens, and you can’t eliminate a 100% of this mess. When you understand how Craigslist works you can cut this down to about 10%. If you missed my interview on how to prevent flagged and ghosted ads on Craigslist you can see the full interview by clicking here.

What’s Inside Live Ad Machine? Give Me The Details…

craigslist-ghostingThe Big goal inside Live Ad Machine is I didn’t want it to be another course with a few good tips and the rest of all fluff. There is good training out there but I personally felt and many others felt that the training was always missing something. With Craigslist you can’t miss anything. If you miss one thing, you are not going to get it. Here is a list of the topics discussed.

  • Easily Post in The Job Sections & All Other Sections
  • Magic Formula to Creating Multiple Accounts
  • Easy to Follow Steps to Creating Attractive Text & Image Ads That Convert
  • Increase Your Marketing With Testing  Tracking
  • The Real Way to Change Your IP Address
  • How to Post Your Ads Nationally

Is Live Ad Machine Just For MLM & Network Marketing?

No Live Ad Machine is for anyone that is experiencing problems with posting on Craigslist. More and more people everyday are having problems, that is why this course was created. I recently worked with a small business owner and this is what she wrote me.

craigslist-flaggingI wanted to thank Tom for his professional services. For the past six months I have tried to advertise my business on Craigslist. Despite my efforts I keep getting denials from Craigslist and roadblocks. It was refreshing to find Tom, who requested payment legitimately and did exactly what was requested. Despite roadblocks Tom persevered and figured out what was necessary. In the first week my business income increased 40% and inquiry’s about our services were overwhelming. I highly recommend his services, I also wanted to extend my gratitude for going out of his way above and beyond to enable my business to find another venue of advertising. Thank You.  ~Michelle K New York      


Live Ad Machine is for anyone that wants to master Craigslist, eliminate ghosting and cut back on flagged ads. I hear people say all the time, “I’m ready to throw in the towel on Craigslist.” It’s their emotions talking because they never do it. People know if you master Craigslist it’s a Goldmine! You don’t need to stop, you just need to start learning today the right way it was meant to be used.

You can pick up Live Ad Machine here.

Much Success and Gratitude!

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