Why You Shouldn’t Invite Prospects to Weekly MLM Meetings

Why You Shouldn’t Invite Prospects to Weekly MLM Meetings

tom doherty weekly mlm meetingsAre you stuck wondering if you should or shouldn’t invite people to your weekly MLM meeting?

If you know me than you are probably wondering why I am writing about not inviting people to your weekly MLM meetings.

All MLM companies have different names for these meetings home parties, business briefing, opportunity meetings, trainings etc. We call ours “money meetings.”

Why You Shouldn’t Invite People

Most people will have a handful of people say they are coming like a week from now. If that is you, you already know the answer. What is going to happen is everyone is going to make an excuse why they can’t make it and not show up. Now you just blew the deal because when you follow up with them it’s almost as if you sound desperate.

It’s not that weekly MLM meetings don’t work, it’s just that you shouldn’t make them the first exposure to your guest. In my opinion anything more than 1 day is to long. If you are inviting people and they are showing up and signing up. Keep doing what you are doing. But, if that is not working for you start doing one or two exposures and than invite them. Start right now if you are a part of a weekly meeting.

Why Are You Attending The Meetings

Aside from inviting people you should attend all team meetings, whether you have someone or not. I am a big believer if you keep showing up something will happen for you. Don’t show up just to be there though. Pay attention and turn off your cell phone. Learn something new every time you attend.

Implement what you learned throughout the week. Bring a notepad and something to write with, network and learn what people are doing to have fast success. Master how your leader does the company presentation, jokes and all so you can do it as a world class expert.

Use these tips to help you use your weekly MLM meeting to your advantage. Click here to read this post on why you should build a local MLM team with meetings.

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