Video: 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself (Change Your Life Forever)

Video: 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself (Change Your Life Forever)

motivate yourselfYour either motivated of not. Self motivation demands more. To truly motivate yourself and the life you want to live, actions are required.

Watch this video as much as possible on 100 ways to motivate yourself.

A goal without an action plan is a day dream. The choices we make for our thinking, either motivate us or they don’t. A clear visualization of a goal, is a good first step to success. Self creation happens once self motivation is mastered. One flows directly for the other.

All one hundred ways are amazing and you will see how they can help with self motivation. Number seven is one of my favorites.

Number 7 Dribble With Your Other Hand

Author Steve Chandler, talks about how most children playing basketball dribble and have the tendency to dribble with one arm, their dominant arm.  If you called the child over and said you are dibbling with one hand. The defender can easily defend you and your options are cut off. The child needs to dribble with your other hand so that can’t happen. The child yells back ‘I can’t.’ It’s not that they can’t its just that they haven’t.

Video ► 100 ways of thinking that lead to self motivation.

Many of us keep pretending that are game has no end. We plan to do great things someday, when we feel like it. Do something this week that you have been putting off. Motivation does come from within and action, but every time you need motivation watch this video. If you liked Steve Chandler’s 100 ways to motivate yourself, show him some love and pick up his book here.

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