Why You Should Use Verizon 3G IPs to Post Your Ads

Why You Should Use Verizon 3G IPs to Post Your Ads

Verizon-Wireless-Craigslist-Ad-PostingAre you still using the same ip to post your ads on Craigslist and other classified ad posting sites?

After you read this blog, you may want to look into using Verizon 3G IP’s as an alternative to changing your ip.

Why Change Your IP?

It is unfortunate because most people post their ads on Craigslist and they just get flagged and deleted. A large percent of Craigslist users are just looking to get a little more business. You always have that small percent that are trying to do something illegal or spam and they ruin it for everyone.  So if you are posting from the same ip for a long period of time it is very common for that ip to get flagged for spam. If you notice a lot of your ads getting deleted then it is time to change your ip.

How to Change Your IP

There is actually a few different ways to change your ip for posting ads. I am going to share with you three ways, the first way is hard and limits you to just local posting. Second is easier but the results are really not that good and third is the best way and you can post Nationwide.

First: There are two different types of ip’s you may have, static or dynamic. If you have static that means your ip doesn’t change. If you have a dynamic that means you can change your ip, here is a little homework for you to do. Call up your internet service provider and ask them what type you have. If you find out you have a dynamic ip address go to Google or YouTube and start researching how to change your ip. Something to keep in mind, if this method does work for you, it will only work for posting ads locally.

Second: You can search Google for ip changing software. There is way to many to services to list and trust me I have tried them all and some range for ok to good. Something to keep in mind when you are searching for ip changing software. Most of these companies will have shared ip’s, which means you could be posting your ads from an ip that someone else is using. That is why I am not mentioning any of these companies to you here today.

Third: This is how I change my ip. I use Verizon 3G. It is actually not that easy to find a service like this, but very easy to get your ads live and Nationwide. Watch this quick video and you can see how this works in detail below.

Video ►Post Nationwide Ads With Unlimited Verizon IP Addresses

Using the Verizon 3G approach is the best way and the only way I post on Craigslist now. I like the idea of having a separate computer strictly for posting my ads that is exclusive to me. This computer server is available for me to use day or night. It comes set up with everything I need to get my ads live for local and Nationwide posting. You can reserve a Verizon 3G machine right here today!

Like I mentioned earlier, it is not easy to find a service like this. Let me know in the comments how you personally change your ip for posting ads.

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  1. Hi Tom
    Thank you for this
    I'll go thru the info in detail I've been some what successful with CL
    About 8 years now however to be able to go nation wide is a nice big step in the right direction

  2. Your welcome bro! Let me know your results.

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