The Most Visited Cities on Craigslist

If your using Craigslist for marketing and advertising you want to put your ads in the cities that generate the most traffic first.

Top 10 Cities on Craigslist

I put together a list of the top ten cites in the United States that have the largest population. If you are trying to decide what cities to post in, these ten cities would be a great place to start. Because they have a largest population, they generate the largest amount of traffic on Craigslist.

Now here is a little trick to find out more high traffic cities very fast on Craigslist. If you visit this site you will see a huge list of Craigslist cities. This is a list of every single city on Craigslist in the United States. Now this is a very long list so how do you pick the big cities? It’s very easy as you scroll down the list you will notice some of the cities are in bold. The bold cities are the cities that receive the most traffic on Craigslist.

Best City to Start Posting in First

Still not sure where to start? There are a lot of cities to choose from

Start local first, if you are having trouble posting in your own city, it’s  going to be really difficult to post in other cities, so if you live in Los Angles, you should start posting in Los Angeles first. Once you are able to post in your own city successfully, I would move on to a surrounding city. Going back to the example if you lived in Los Angeles and once you are able to post there successfully, move on to a surrounding city like San Francisco. Once you mastered both posting locally and your surrounding area you can slowly move to national posting.

National posting is not as easy as posting local. Craigslist was designed for local posting. So when someone is new and jumps right into national posting before they figured out the basics of posting locally. Often times they will get frustrated, fail and give up. Don’t let that happen to you.

Leave me a comment and let me know your favorite city you post in? 

Tom Doherty
Skype: tomfromnewyork

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  1. Good day,

    I am Dory Libres from the Philippines, I am eager to post ads on craigslist but I cannot penetrate it’s getting flagged. I am posting on housing section for house for rent. Now, I don’t have my own website and domain I just used gmail and yahoo for the posting but my posting always get flagged.

    Please let me know how to penetrate Craigslist.

    Hope to get response from you.


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