Simple Craigslist Phone Verification Solution

Simple Craigslist Phone Verification Solution

Simple Craigslist Phone Verification Solution pvaAre you frustrated with Craigslist phone verification?  Today I am going to share with you a simple solution to acquire endless PVA’s for Craigslist instantly.

How Does CL Phone Verification Work?

The first time you create your account on Craigslist, CL will ask you to put in a United States or Canadian phone number. Once you put in your number it should only ask you to do this once.

If your account is asking you to put in a number any day after the first, that is a sign their is something wrong with your account. It could be anything from  spam, over posting or even BAD NUMBER etc.

Do All Numbers Work With CL?

NO they do NOT work the same. It seems now there are new apps almost everyday for a free number for your cell phone. I have not tried all of these apps due to there being so many of them. Also, Craigslist does not allow Voice Over IP and most of these apps are VOIP. On the CL website it says, “Some VOIP numbers will work”. Also read CL help on phone verification.

I wrote a blog called, how to create Free pva’s that work for Craigslist. This method does not work anymore for me, but I do receive emails from people thanking me because it worked for them.

That is why I wanted to give you another solution right here today.

Video ►CL Phone Verification Without The Headache

I hope this blog was helpful for you. Craigslist PVA help is one of the top searches on my blog. So I know a lot of people are looking for a solution that will work. If their were something I missed or you have a question about phone verification leave me a comment.

You can create your account today here!

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  1. Hi Tom, I tried changing the IP address as stated on your site. Unfortunately my Verizon Fios Actiontec router does not return to internet access once you change the Mac address. The indicator lamp glows a steady orange instead of turn back green. Any ideas? Thanks.


  2. Tried it out, received 2 numbers, tried them on multiple accounts and neither worked. Used another phone to call one of the numbers and forwarding is set up correctly.

  3. May have been an issue with craigslist, as I tried it once more before giving up and attempting later, and it worked.

    Thanks Tom!

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