Should You Spin Your Craigslist Ads

Do you spin your craigslist ads? Is it even important to change up your Craigslist ads? Lets go over spinning text for your Craigslist ads and how often you should change your ad.

Spinning an Ad

You may of heard the term article spinning before. Article spinning is the same concept, but works differently. When you spin an article you are spinning it for search engine optimization (SEO). Google loves fresh content and hates duplicate content. When you spin an article it changes the words to look totally different. Article spinning works the same when you spin a Craigslist ad. The only difference is you are spinning the ad not for search engine optimization. Similar to Google, Craigslist loves new content and hates to post replicated content and Google is a little nicer because they won’t delete your ads for having a duplicate.

Do You Have to Spin Ads?

Yes you should spin your ads. Even if you just post a few ads a day you should always change them a little. Lets get into how you spin your ad. There are three ways you can spin your ads.

  • You can buy software that spins your ads
  • There are websites that spin your ads
  • You can rewrite your ads instead of spinning them

Personally I prefer to rewrite my own ads. The reason why is because I haven’t found software or a website that spins text that I was happy with. I’m not saying that they are all bad or don’t work they just weren’t to my standards. Because of that reason I am not going to recommend something to you I’m not using.

More Important Than Spinning

After reading that I prefer to rewrite my ads instead of spinning them, you must think I am crazy. I’m actually not and here is why.  What’s more important than spinning your ad every time you post is spinning your title! For every ad you should have at least 10+ titles to post. Posting the same title on Craigslist is worst than posting the same ad every time you post.

Key Points

Some key points to remember from all this.

  • Spinning an ad is the same as rewriting it
  • You can use software, websites or rewrite your ad yourself
  • Having different titles is more important than spinning your ads

Hope you found this helpful. Share with me any thoughts or comments below.

Tom Doherty
Skype: tomfromnewyork

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