Should You Flag a Competitors ad on Craigslist?

Is flagging a competitors ad the right step to take? If you realize a competitor is flagging your ads should you fire back and flag there ads so they get deleted?

First let me just say this isn’t a blog promoting flagging ads. I am highly against flagging someones ad. It is hard enough to post live ads without Craigslist flagging your ad and sometimes it’s for no reason.

Flagging Software

This is actually a serious problem.  Someone can flag your ad manually by clicking the top of the ad where there is a box you can check that makes it prohibited. If three or more people check that box your ad will get deleted from Craigslist. Some Craigslist users created software to flag ads automatically.  If you Google Craigslist flagging software you will see pages and pages of different websites of people selling this software. Again I am not promoting this, but just making you aware this is a big problem.

Why Ads Are Flagged

Here are some reasons why someone would flag your ad.

  • Someone sees you as competition (biggest reason)
  • The Craigslist community sees your ad as inappropriate
  • Craigslist staff sees you posting in the wrong section
  • Your posting something illegal or against terms of use
  • “Just Because” someone could flag it for no reason

There are more reasons, but these are the most used while posting ads.

Stop it From Happening

Unfortunately, there is no one way of stopping this from happening. There are some steps you can take to ease up on the flagging. If you are just posting a few ads locally and they are getting flagged chances are someone is flagging your ads.

It sucks, but here are some steps you can take in order.

  • If you login to your Craigslist account and see every ad red and flagged, it’s time to start over.
  • Change your ip before you create your account
  • Change up your text in the ad
  • Have at least 10+ titles per ad
  • Change your ad posting time routine

These tips will help, but not completely stop it from happening. Remember to do these steps in the order that they are laid out.

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