Should You Build an MLM on Long Island New York

Should You Build an MLM on Long Island New York?

long island new yorkThere is a lot of talk about  MLM on Long Island, and that building a Network Marketing opportunity on Long Island, New York is tough.

I want to set the record straight because when I hear that, it’s just someone talking nonsense. Long Island is a great place to build an MLM empire!

Why would some people think it would be any different building an MLM on Long Island, compared to somewhere else?

Long Island MLM Guy Intro

Hi, my name is Tom Doherty. I was born and raised on Long Island, New York. MLM was first introduced to me in my 20’s. It was a time where I was kind of lost and was not sure what the future had to offer. So I got the call from a family member inviting me to one of his local MLM team meetings. I’m one of those people who saw it and was immediately hooked!

Two Reasons Why You Should Build an MLM on Long Island

Reason 1 – Most people are in sales. If you are going to sell something wouldn’t it make sense if you have a recurring income? You see it takes the same time to sell something and get paid once than it does to sell something with recurring income. Good example would be me, I sold a product 9 years ago that I still get commission from. I have met people that get a commission for almost 30 years now.

Reason 2 – The hardest you will ever work in MLM is a conversation. When I heard this I was blown away. The basics of the business is just inviting people to take a look at your company’s product/service and opportunity. Your not asking people to get on a roof, swing an axe, pick up a chain saw, climb a ladder, etc.

Why Don’t People Join an MLM on Long Island

There are many reasons. One of the biggest reasons people don’t join an MLM on Long Island is because you have to open your wallet. Let’s be real though when don’t you have to open your wallet? It usually cost a couple of hundred dollars and there is usually a monthly payment.

When you order Cablevision or Verizon do you say to yourself, I am not sure if I can handle the monthly charge? Of course you don’t, you just order it and figure it out. It’s all in your mind and a good way to get past this is to work on your mindset.  Once you work on your mindset, you can get past the I have no money to join your MLM on Long Island excuse.

Final Thoughts

Long Island is a great place to build an MLM. There are so many people looking for a good MLM opportunity. Don’t listen to someone that is telling you it’s not a good idea. Have an open mind and do research for yourself. Remember sell something that has recurring income.

If you have any questions about building an MLM on Long Island, New York, leave me a comment or call me at 631-241-9623.

Much Success and Gratitude!

Tom Doherty

Tom Doherty

“Your income grows as you grow personally and professionally.”

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PS. Work For 50 Weeks. Vacation For 2 Weeks. Is That Fair?

  1. Nice post Tom. It’s not the mechanics of the business that’s the problem. It’s usually that stuff between our ears (our mindset) that we need to work on.Have a good one!

  2. Hi Rich, Honored you thought of me, but my year is planned out and this would not fit my long term vision. I would be very careful making medical claims about your products… just a friendly heads up. Best of luck in your MLM journey!

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