Learn to Speak The Secret Language of Your Prospects

Learn to Speak The Secret Language of Your Prospects

tom doherty - tom big alLearning to communicate with your network marketing prospects is key.

Did you ever hear of Tom “Big Al” Schreiter?

Tom, teaches many network marketing skills. One of the skills he teaches is how to speak the secret language of your prospect.

How I met Big Al

I heard the name a few times being in the industry and someone on my team said, “he is going to be in new york doing a free generic network marketing training.” Now I had never seen him before or knew what he looked like. With the name Big Al, I imaged him being pretty big. The picture above you can actually see he is a small guy.

He is very funny and has some great tips on network marketing. During a break I asked, “Do you ever come to Long Island to train.” He said, “I’ve been there before, but had no plans at the moment to come back. Listen, If you get a room and get people I will come. But there is one more thing.” He said, “You have to buy me dinner.” I said, “I can do that.” He said, “you have never seen me eat before.” He is very funny, if you get a chance to see him, go.

The Secret Language of Your Prospects

In network marketing if you know how to communicate better with your prospects it’s a lot easier. Tom, has many skills he teaches and this is one we learned on Long Island when he came out to visit.

Yellow Personality

mlm secret languageThey like to help people. Always doing more for other people than themselves. These people are professional helpers. They are not interested in the money, they are interested in how your product and services can help people.

Blue Personality

They love to party, have fun, adventure, and love meeting new people. These people never met a stranger. Every single person they meet is there instant friend. If you know someone that is always talking, that is a blue personality.

Red Personality

These people like to be in charge, like to be the boss and like to tell other people what to do. They are great organizers and all about the money. The type of people that are get to the bottom line I want the facts.

Green Personality

Typically these people are boring people with no personality. They are all about facts, information and data. All of their time is spent thinking and not acting. They always know the answer to everything and do everything to avoid meeting people.

Wrap Up

After learning the four different types of personalities, which one or ones are you? Use this training to help you identify and communicate better with your prospects. If you want to dive deeper into this type of training check out Tom’s training at Fortunenow.

Leave me a comment and let me know what color you are.

Much Success and Gratitude!

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