Rich Thinking: How to Use The Laws of Money (Tip 3)

Rich Thinking: How to Use The Laws of Money (Tip 3)

expectationWelcome to Rich Thinking tip number three. So far we covered The Law of Cause and Effect and The Law of Belief.

Here is the first two just in case you missed them or want to read them again.


Rich Thinking Tip Number 1

Rich Thinking Tip Number 2

The Law of Expectation

Whatever you expect with confidence ultimately becomes your reality. You act as a fortune teller of your own life by the way you think and talk are how things are going to turn out. An Example would be when you subconsciously expect good things to happen to you, good things will happen. Be careful though because if you expect something negative to happen, then it will happen.

Wealthy people expect to be rich! Your expectations are largely under your own control. So expect to be rich! Imagine that everything you did in your life till now was preparation for the wealthiest years ahead.

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