Rich Thinking: How to Use The Laws of Money (Tip 2)

Rich Thinking: How to Use The Laws of Money (Tip 2)

believeThis is the Rich Thinking tip number two. In the first tip we discussed The Law of Cause and Effect, and how every action you take has some type of result. Here is a recap of Rich Thinking tip number 1 just in case you missed it.

I was inspired to write this after I listened to The 21 Absolute Unbreakable Laws of Money by Brian Tracy. Keep in mind when you immerse yourself in thinking like this you will see your finances change. So I encourage you to follow along if you want your income to grow.

The Law of Belief

Whatever you truly believe with feeling becomes your reality. The key here is ‘feeling’. Your beliefs act like filters and screen out information that is inconsistent with your beliefs. Something interesting with your belief is you don’t always believe what you see, but you see what you believe. You actually reject what you don’t believe. This has a lot to do with what you believe about money.

Start rich thinking of yourself as a success in the making and you will engage in activities that will make that happen. You are a money magnet! Don’t forget to follow along and opt in to my blog on the top right so you don’t miss any rich thinking tips.

Much Success and Gratitude!

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