Rich Thinking: How to Use The Laws of Money (Tip 12)

Rich Thinking: How to Use The Laws of Money (Tip 12)

money signMoving along to the twelfth Rich Thinking tip. So far we have covered The Law of Cause and Effect, The Law of Belief, The Law of Expectation, The Law of Attraction, The Law of Correspondence, The Law of Abundance, The Law of Exchange, The Law of Capital, The Law of Time Perspective, The Law of Saving and The Law of Conservation.

Rich Thinking Recap

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Parkinson’s Law

Your expense’s rise to meet your income. Parkinson’s law is one of the best and well known laws of money and wealth accumulation. This law states that no matter how much money a person makes they tend to spend it all and little bit more. This is why most people retire broke.

When you begin to resist the urge to spend all the money you have, you begin to move ahead of the crowd.

I was inspired to write about how to use The Laws of Money to get Rich when I listened to The 21 Absolute Unbreakable Laws of Money by Brian Tracy. I highly recommend listening to this audio.

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