Rich Thinking: How to Use The Laws of Money (Tip 1)

Rich Thinking: How to Use The Laws of Money (Tip 1)

cause and effectBecoming rich is simply changing the way you think. In this blog series I am discussing Rich Thinking which was inspired by The 21 Absolute Unbreakable Laws of Money by Brian Tracy.

The most successful book in everyone’s self development library is Think and Grow Rich. It’s not work hard and become rich, it’s Think and Grow Rich. Don’t get me wrong I do believe in hard work, but if your mindset is not thinking the right way you will never become rich.

The Law of Cause and Effect

Every success or failure has a specific cause and effect. Whether you can see it or believe it every action you take will have an outcome. This law states that all successes are the direct or indirect result of specific causes. So if you are clear on the effect you want you can probably achieve it.

The fastest way to benefit from this law is to study what other people have achieved and the success you want, so you can achieve the same results. This relates to how you handle money to achieve financial success. Studing successful people is the fastest way to achieve financial success. You create your entire world by the way you think. All situations good or bad in your life have been attracted to you by your thinking. Isn’t it time to change your thinking? Thoughts are causes and condition are effects. You become what you think about most of the time. So the way you think about money has a huge effect on your financial conditions today.

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