How to Promote Your Blog on Pinterest

How to Promote Your Blog on Pinterest

PinterestPinterest is definitely picking up speed in 2015 with over 70 million active users.

If you have an account on Pinterest did you ever think to promote your blog there?

This is such a super easy blog promotion tip, but I see so very little that implement it. I definitely incorporated this in my marketing and you should too.

What is Pinterest?

There is probably going to a few people that are not sure what Pinterest is yet. They may have seen it around, but aren’t using it yet.

Wikipedia - What is Pinterest







Why Promote on Pinterest?

Just like when you create a status update with your blog post. You hope that it will go viral by users sharing your post on Facebook or someone retweeting your tweet on Twitter. The Same goes for Pinterest users can share your post by pinning.

Watch this quick video to see exactly how simple it is.

Video ► How to Post Your Blog on Pinterest

Wasn’t that easy? Make you you incorporate that into your blog promotion.

Check out these two videos I did on promoting your blog on Instagram and Craigslist.

What Social Networks Do You Use?

When I do a blog I post on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Linkedin, Pintrest, and Instagram. Which ones do use? Did I miss any that you are using with good shares? Thanks for the feedback and share this on Pinterest if you found this helpful.

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PS. Another Great Place to Promote Your Blog For Free is Craigslist. Click Here to Become a Member of a Craigslist Training Community.

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