How to Promote Your Blog on Instagram

How to Promote Your Blog on Instagram

promote blog instagramLooking for more free ways to promote your latest bog posts? Did you ever think to use Instagram to promote your blog?

When I write a blog, I send it out to all of my social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc. Just recently, I started posting it on Instagram.

There are so many people using Instagram. More people use Instagram than twitter now. So if you are using social media to promote yourself, product or service what are you waiting for? Start using Instagram.

Tracking Your Blog on Instagram

I recommend tracking your blog posts on Instagram. You can use sites like or What is better is using your blog to track the clicks with Pretty Link. This is similar to a shorting url service built into your blog. I heard about this service a long time ago. Wish I started using it sooner. Give it a try it’s free.

Watch this video and I show you step by step how to take your blog or blog post onto Instagram.

Video ►Promote Your Latest Blog Post to Instagram

I mentioned in the video Dropbox. You can use this service or if you are already using something else stay with it. Keep it simple! Remember to always type out or copy how you want your post to look like on Instagram in your email. Email it to your phone copy and paste the text in Instagram to save time from typing it all out. That is step by step how I promote my blog on Instagram.

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  1. I need post for tips for how do add blogspot site on instagram.

  2. Watch the video on this blog, I show step by step how I post my blog on Instagram.

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