Post-it Note Prospecting – My Favorite Offline Prospecting Strategy

Favorite MLM Offline Prospecting Strategy

MLM Offline ProspectingThis was created for my team.  But I decided to share it with everyone. This is an offline MLM training tactic that works like crazy!

Sometimes you can expect leads instantly! One day I created 33 leads in 1 day. It’s called Post-It Note Prospecting.  If you seen this training before, I promise you this… You will learn something new from mine.

Leads With Post-it Notes?

Yes this is a very detailed video. I will explain exactly how this works.  You ink stamp the post-it note with an ad. I even have sample ads in the video like this one:

Part-Time Income
$750-1500 A Month
Trainers-Recruiters Wanted
No Experience – Will Train

Once you stamp the ads. Next you stick them to high traffic areas around your town.  An example would be like a red or blue box DVD rental. I show you tons of places to put them in the video.  Keep an open mind when you see the places that I stick them too.

Watch the video below. Start implementing this with your team.

Post-it Note Prospecting Video

I hope this training helps you as much as it did for me and my team. In network marketing sometimes it’s challenging to get your whole team duplicating. This is simple and affordable.  Please leave me a comment and share this around if you got value!

Much Success and Gratitude!

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  1. Brillant idea…can hardly wait to use this!!!!

  2. Thanks Richard!

  3. Tom Great Information and marketing tips. Thanks. This is something I will implement

  4. Tom great stuff! I just added this to my game plan for this month..definitely will share with my team!

  5. Your Welcome Gavin!

  6. Clever idea. simple, cheap and effective. ty Tom!

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