Network Marketing Game: The No Game

Network Marketing Game: The No Game

The-MLM-No-GameGet everyone on your team working with this fun network marketing game called “The No Game”

Everyone likes games, turn your MLM prospecting into a network marketing game. 

How to Play This Network Marketing Game?

You may be thinking why should I play and what is that cheesy looking container in the picture? It’s not about who has the best looking container dipped in gold with the bling. It’s more about you and your teams activities.

It’s really easy to make:

First: Get some type of plastic container with a lid. Write the word “No’s” or “The No Game” on it.

Second: When you are prospecting, every time someone tells you “No” write there name down on a piece of paper. Collect all of your “No’s” in the no jar.

Why Implement This Network Marketing Game?

1) Most people don’t track what they do and this is really easy anyone can do it. So when you get a yes, see how many “No’s you have and now you will know how many “No’s” you need to hear to get an enrollment.

2) Sometimes you have to mix it up and create a fun environment for people to get excited to work the business. If your team is stagnant this will get them moving again.

3) This creates a sense of urgency on your team. In network marketing you really have to have a sense a urgency. I hear it all of the time. Tom, “I am going to hit this hard next week.” Why not hit it hard now?

4) Helps bring in new people. Bringing in new enrollments is the life blood of your business.

5) Probably the most important of them all, it creates duplication in your business. The BIG goal here is getting everyone on your team working their business.

If you and your team need help making new connections, check out this warm market training I did. I hope you enjoyed and got some value for this training. Please comment below and let me know if you played this with your team or you plan on implementing it.

Much Success and Gratitude!

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  2. that’s a good way of keeping track of your results. thanks for sharing this idea Tom.

    • Thanks Brian! It’s so important to track your results!

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