Money Tip – Why Money Doesn’t Wait For You

Money Tip – Why Money Doesn’t Wait For You

waiting long line Money doesn’t wait for you to be ready, it moves right along to the next person that is ready.

The more money and success you achieve the more money and success tends to move toward you at a faster rate.

Don’t Quit to Soon

Sometimes it seems you are working really hard for a while and than the financial opportunity starts to reward you. When this starts to happen it, more opportunities seem to flow toward you from all directions.

When this kicks in, it is sometimes hard to sort out the opportunities because their are so many. How would you like to have that as a problem?

80 – 20 Rule

80% of your success will usually come from the last 20% of the time you invest or put in. What this means is you will achieve 20% of your success from the time, money spent on a project or opportunity and the other 80% in the last 20% of the time and money you put in.

Speed Up Your Money

Below your find four money tips to help speed things. I was inspired to write to write this money tip when I first listened to The 21 Absolute Unbreakable Laws of Money. I highly recommend listening to this audio.

Money Tip 1 – The Law of Attraction

Money Tip 2 – The Law of Correspondence

Money Tip 3 – The Law of Abundance

Money Tip 4 – The Law of Exchange

What About You?

Did I miss anything about money and speed?  What are you doing today to speed up your money? Are you an investor or business owner, share your ideas and thoughts below.

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PS. Not Only Does Money Not Wait For You, But So Does Opportunities. Opportunities Don’t Wait Till You Are Ready. They Move Right On To Next Person That is Ready. Are You Still Waiting?

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