MLM Warning: How to Handle The MLM Pitch

MLM Warning: How to Handle The MLM Pitch

sneaky-salesmanIf you are someone that struggles with how to handle the MLM pitch, this will really help you feel more comfortable with how to feel and what to do.

I used to get uncomfortable when another network marketer would call, and I just didn’t know how to handle the MLM pitch.

How to Feel When Pitched an MLM

I remember when I first joined MLM and other network marketers would pitch me, I would get all mad and that made the conversation not good so well.

You should feel happy when another network marketer wants you on their team. That is good energy, you should feel good about it.

Look at it this way, you are awesome and everybody wants you on their team. Also if your not getting pitched any MLM companies, you are just not out their that much. If you are building a network marketing team you are going to get pitched.

The Right Way to Pitch Your MLM

Hey Tom, How’s it going? I’m calling to touch base. I hear this all the time from other network marketers. It is the worst line ever, don’t do this! You have to be real, true and honest. If someone called me out of the blue and said, hey I’m just calling to touch base. Guess what the MLM red flag goes up and I know they want something.

If it is someone that you kind of know, like someone you know or worked with in a prior MLM opportunity, when you call them say something like this, Hey Bob, This is Tom. You have a minute. Great I know we haven’t talked in a while, and I do want to catch up with you. But, I always enjoyed hanging with you and admired your commitment in the last company we were working together. I am working with a new company now and thought it would be cool to check in with you and see if maybe there is an opportunity for us to work with each other again. Are you open? 

Important MLM Pitch Advise

“Don’t blow the deal” There are awesome people, I meet everyday online and offline and they just pitch there MLM opportunity way to soon. Just recently I met this really nice couple online and right away they are asking me to go to website and opt in and watch this video and so on and so on. They didn’t know any better. That is what I call “I just blew the deal” Once in a blue moon that will work, but once in a blue moon won’t build your business.

Get to know the person a little, ask them lots of questions, compliment them, find some common ground or interests to discuss. Don’t be so needy to sign them up. People sense that ora about you immediately. I hope this helps you, if you are the person pitching or person being pitched. Leave me a comment and share this with your teams if you feel it can help someone.

Much Success and Gratitude!

Tom Doherty

Tom Doherty

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  1. lol why did you post this now anter i f**K*d up lol

  2. Not sure pretending to get to know some one for 10 minutes really makes a difference. Why can't we just be honest and tell them about our business right up front, if it resonates with them, then we move forward. I am friendly towards my customers, but we are often not real friends. Why should MLM be any different . Besides, my best friend was my worst MLM sponsor. Give me a leader in the industry and I'll follow regardless of his interest. Show me how to make money and we will be friends.

    • Thanks for your comment. Your right people sense pretending to get to know them. They can sense that right away.

  3. Sorry bro, now you know lol

  4. Thanks for your comment. Your right people sense pretending to get to know them. They can sense that right away.

  5. Thanks for your comment. Your right people sense pretending to get to know them. They can sense that right away.

  6. Good article again Tom. It’s important to ask plenty of questions and lead the conversation in the direction you want it to go. That way your opportunity is coming up naturally and doesn’t seem like just another pitch.


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