MLM Tip: How to Handle “The No Money to Join” Excuse

MLM Tip: How to Handle “The No Money to Join” Excuse

broke empty pocketsHave you ever heard the, “I have no money to join your MLM company excuse”?

It’s actually a good thing if you are hearing this excuse a lot. It means you are active in your prospecting and you just need to learn how to handle it. If you are not hearing this excuse you are not actively prospecting.

First thing I would do is work on your thoughts. Why am I saying to work on your thoughts? The other person is saying they have no money not me. Yes, but if you have on your mind that it’s a bad economy and no one  has money that is the type of people you will attract.

It’s the law of attraction. What you think about you bring about. An example would be buying a new car. After you buy the new car you see that same car all over the road.

Powerful Afformations

Before you start your day write and read out loud powerful statements like these below. Feel free to use these or come up with your own.

Why do I find qualified prospects to join my network marketing company easily and effortlessly?

Why do I have people ready to join my MLM business every single day?

Why am I so successful at enrolling quality leaders?

The No Money To Join Excuse

Even when writing and reading out powerful afformations you will still run into people that will say this. Understand that this is rarely the issue. It is just their way of saying NO to you. They don’t have the integrity to say no to your face so they will come up with unique excuse like this one.

If you want to save time this works great say, If you had the money today would their be anything from stopping you from joining with me right now?

If their is any hesitation like well, um, ahhhh. Then you know right away not to waste your time with them. If they say, absolutely I would join right now. Then you ask them how soon they can get the money together and set up a followup. Try these suggestions and let me know how they helped you.

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  1. Great post Tom,no basically means not right now or you may have not expressed enough perceived value to your prospect. But like you said in your article it’s usually just an excuse. Have a good one and thanks for the prospecting tips!

  2. this was excellent….sharing

  3. Thanks Eileen!

  4. Affirmations are very important, they will definitely increase you confidence and self belief. Thanks for sharing.

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