MLM Review: Who Else Heard Medical Marijuana Went MLM

MLM Review: Who Else Heard Medical Marijuana Went MLM

mlm marijuanaYou may have heard a buzz going around the internet that there’s a new medical marijuana MLM, I believe a few of them.

It’s not selling bags of marijuana MLM style and getting commissions and winning a car for doing so, I know what you are thinking.

How I heard There Was A Marijuana MLM

A few people on Facebook sent me a message asking me if I smoke weed, because there is a new marijuana MLM. More than one or two sent me a message like this. I don’t smoke weed nor am I affiliated with any marijuana MLM company. I think people should not send messages like this because it is misleading and will hurt the network marketing company in the long run.


People use marijuana for THC, that is the active ingredient that gets you high. CBD is the ingredient in marijuana you don’t hear about. These two are completely different. CBD has a wide range of therapeutic benefits. If you Google CBD you will actually see tons of information on the health benefits.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor am I giving any medical advice. This is just a friendly review.

Marijuana MLM Products

kannaway mlmSo if your not selling bags of weed, what are you selling? These products will have CBD not THC in them. Products include nutrition base, gums, oils and even healthy electronic cigarettes with hemp oil NOT marijuana. These companies sell hemp oil products not marijuana. If you were hoping for something else, that is illegal.

Wrap Up

It’s not appropriate when people hype up a network marketing opportunity with the hopes to make some quick sales. Learn about your products and tell the truth when sharing them with people. Like I mentioned earlier I am not associated with any company that sells hemp oil products.

This is just a friendly review. If you are someone that is looking for an opportunity and is interested in new health innovations, you should check out one of these companies.

If you have any thoughts, comments or feedback please comment below.

Much Success and Gratitude!

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  1. Should be easy enough to build a down line with that product. Did you sigh on ??

    on a serious note are you still involved with the MLM in numismatics coins.

  2. Hello Tom, Yes people are making it sound worse by asking do you smoke wed–I joined because of the health benefits I found in I am not selling it in a smarmy way- this has good people and class attached to it.
    Thanks Tom!
    Denise Walker
    Paradise, CA

  3. Just want to say Hi Tom. I joined the crowd yesterday so I can help spread the word.

  4. Hi George! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Please note, this is NOT MEDICAL MARIJUANA. This is a Daily Supplement, CBD. People selling it are not allowed to make medical claims, not use the word "marijuana".

  6. Good point! Thanks Jenny!

  7. Just to note we do not market Marijuana we cannot even use the word Marijuana when marketing our products. We market the CBD which is found in the cannabis hemp plant. The CBD is extracted and is used to make various products such as Hemp Vap, gum, Hemp Oils, Skincare products as well. CBD is the healing portion of the plant. We also cannot make medical claims at all. The products will do that for themselves. Anyone wanting to know the #realdeal just go to id #2853505

  8. Thanks for your input.. just an update my blog explains all about CBD and people misusing what you can say.

  9. What is this all about, I am on the east coast……

    • Hi Juan, I am not a distributor. Just doing a review. Connect with me on FB. Maybe I can help you out.

  10. Hi Juan, I am not a distributor. Just doing a review. Connect with me on FB. Maybe I can help you out.

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