MLM Red Flag: The Greatest Salesman in The World

MLM Red Flag: The Greatest Salesman in The World

greatest salesman worldWhile prospecting in your MLM, did you ever hear the words, ‘I’m the greatest salesman in the world.’

If your in MLM don’t you hate it when a person says this? I hate to put that energy out there, but it’s true.

You will never see anyone perform that says this in the first conversation.  The same goes for a person that tells you they are the best network marketer in the world.

How Should You Handle This?

Besides running far away from them, I like to challenge them a little. Here is something I said to someone the other day. Immediately when we got on the phone he was going on and on about how he could sell anything to anybody.

He took a look at the company video I sent over to him and said. “this looks awesome but, I’m not sure how well I could sell this because I am new in the area?” Now if someone says this to you, you could have a little fun and find out if they really are a great salesman. I immediately said, “didn’t you tell me you were the greatest salesman in the world and that you could sell anything to anybody?”

He didn’t have anything to say after I ask him this. Here is how know you have a really good sales person on the phone. They will continue to sell you on the phone during the conversation. An example would be something like this. I don’t think your fit for my team, “I’m sorry you feel that way you must not know me very well.” That’s sales!

Wrap Up

Don’t just jump off the phone with people so fast, get in a habit of asking why. Hold people to what they said to you. When people say, “I’m the greatest salesman in the world and I can sell anything to anyone.” What they are really saying to you it that they have a huge ego. Ego’s do not work in MLM. I once heard someone say in network marketing your ego has to be e-gone.

Another thought, you want to keep in your mind is that the real people that are awesome at sales love to buy. People that are great at sales and love to sell, also love to buy. So in MLM their is usually a small start-up fee that should be no problem for someone that loves to sell.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you handle the “greatest salesman” line.

Much Success and Gratitude!

Tom Doherty

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  1. Great sales tips Tom. They say the one who is asking the questions has control over the conversation. I believe that to be true a lot of the time. Have a good one!

  2. Good article Tom. Actually the greatest salesmen I’ve come across are the ones that take time to understand what I need and make suggestions based on that. They are more like a consultant than a salesman.

  3. love the pic.. and the sign “no job no problem” lol … very true, and simple info on sales. We complicate it when we just need to slow down, listen…. question…. isolate….give… close. Thank you!

  4. the best salesmen know the difference between sales and marketing. the moment you realize that they are not the same, you might have just become a salesmen

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