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Are All MLM Leads The Same?

lead-generation-process-Do you think all MLM leads are the same or different? That is the big question.

When I first became involved in networking marketing, social media was just starting to happen and more and more people were using the internet to build there MLM business.

Personally, I was building online and offline, but there was an online marketing system we were using at the time that was awesome! We would share it with people we know and buy leads. Yes buy leads.

While I was listening to a training call one day for that system on leads, someone I really looked up to as a leader said, “a lead is a lead is a lead.” This meant all leads are equal.

Are All MLM Leads Equal

Hold on a second I know what you are thinking… No they are not. Yes, there is truth to that but, “a lead is a lead is a lead right?” It is up to you to get better at communicating, building rapport, connecting and closing the leads. If you gave 100 of the same leads to 10 different people and it was the same opportunity. Some people would close 0 and some people would close a bigger number.

Should You Buy MLM Leads

Most online marketers will say no and laugh at me. Why I am even bringing this up? If you are new and need help reaching out to people and have a budget for your MLM.  Buy MLM leads because it’s also great practice. If you want to get better you need to practice. True Story: I bought cold market MLM leads and one person recruited 150 people within 6 months. He did this after he was on my team for a year. Do you think I believe in leads?

Biggest Reason People Fail With MLM Leads

You may be thinking they are sold over and over again. Yes, depending on which ones you buy. But that is not the reason. Whether you created the leads or bought them, the biggest reason is they don’t call them. I don’t mean following up, they don’t call them at all. Isn’t that funny. People would kill to have leads and people are not calling them. The second biggest reason is they don’t follow-up with them.

Final Thoughts

Treat leads as if they were all equal. If you do that you will become naturally better at connecting with people. Don’t listen to people who say, buying leads is a waste of time. If you feel you need more people to talk with and have the money it’s great practice. If you create or buy leads don’t forget to call them, because someone else will.

Lastly, I wanted to share with you a blog I did on generating free leads online, offline and mobile. Click here to review the blog.

Much Success and Gratitude!

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  1. Good points Tom. Leads are definitely
    not created equal. Laura Kaufman
    is awesome with this kinds of stuff

  2. Great post Tom. You’re right about mlm leads. It all depends on the skill level of the person making the calls. Have a good one!

    • Thanks Tyronne! Yes, and it’s a skill that can be improved over time.

  3. Hey there Tom, great post. I heard a training once from Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter that said if you’re going to buy leads, start at the bottom of the list since most people start at the top and give up 1/4 to 1/2 way down. The ones at the bottom never get called. LOL

    • Hey David, Good point! Tom is great, we did an event on Long Island, NY once before. Thanks for sharing!

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