3 Ways to Get MLM Leads From Craigslist

3 Ways to Get MLM Leads From Craigslist

3 ways to get mlm leadsAre you using one way to get MLM leads from Craigslist? 

In this blog I am going to share with you 3 ways to get MLM leads from Craigslist.

Why You Should Prospect on Craigslist

Craigslist is a gold mine, because they get so much traffic. That is why Facebook is a popular place to prospect. You want to prospect where lots of people spend their time.

Craigslist shouldn’t be the only place to go for MLM leads, but it is great to add in as an addition to your current prospecting daily routine.

1st Way to get MLM Leads on Craigslist

This is what most people do. They put an ad on Craigslist and hope for a phone call or an opt in lead. I’m not saying this is bad, you should definitely do this, but also make sure you are testing different areas to see what works best.

2nd Way to get MLM Leads on Craigslist

Look for ads on Craigslist, and email them and see if they are open. You can email local and national people. I wouldn’t email more than 25 a day though. I think Craigslist doesn’t allow this. Here is a tip for you when emailing someone. Make sure you write the person’s name and say something about their ad. Be creative and stand out because most people just spam so if a person gets an email that stands out they will be open to talking with you.

3rd Way to get MLM Leads on Craigslist

This last way is the most uncomfortable way, most people will not do this. You can call the ads. Yes, I mean pick up that thing called the phone and call someone. Again don’t spam anyone. Start in your local market and connect with people. Say something like, Hey this is Tom, I saw your ad an Craigslist and it was well written. Looks like we are from the same city. I’m looking to connect with open mined entrepreneurs in the area. Tell me more about what you do?

Final Thoughts

If you are just placings ads on Craigslist, start adding in emailing ads as well. Once you are doing both consistent now you should add in call ads. You want to connect and network with as many people as possible. Another tip which most network marketers don’t do is check out the community section on Craigslist. In the community section people place local events. There is always something going on there.

I hope this helps you with being more creative using Craigslist for your MLM prospecting. If you are looking to become a better marketer on Craigslist be sure to check out Live Ad Machine.

Much Success and Gratitude!

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