Live Ads in Every City, Now What?

You reached maximum exposure and managed to see your Craigslist ads live in every city. If you make it this far there are some important steps to take at this point.

Congratulations are in order if you are one of the lucky ones who mange to post your ads in every city on Craigslist. If you are working your way up toward this point let’s cover some time tested strategies and concepts you need to know before reaching this point and after.


Many people I speak with want to post nationwide, but are still struggling getting ads to stick locally. You must first master posting locally, before you move on to cities outside of your area. If you are still stuck at this point I would highly recommend reading this blog. I lay out for you the best city to start posting in first (yours).

Here are some tips to help you move past this point if you are stuck.

  • Start fresh, your ads are probably all deleted and flagged
  • Create a new account with a PVA and email
  • When you create your account, let it burn in before posting
  • Change your ip before posting


If you made it this far give yourself a high five from me. At this point you can relax a little, but there is still work to be done. This is the most important thing you need to keep in mind. Are your ads noticeable that you are posting in every city? If they are you have to watch out for competitors and Craigslist staff. All that hard work will disappear if they find out.

Here are some ideas to keep your live ads up in multiple cities.

  • For every ad create 10+ different titles
  • Have the same ad live in no more than 4 cities
  • Don’t renew every 48 hours, renew 72 hours or longer

Don’t get greedy, it took you a long time to get here. If an ad doesn’t need to be renewed because it is close to the top already don’t renew it. For each ad that you post make sure you are changing the content. You should only have the same ad in four different cities and for each ad have 10+ different titles.

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Tom Doherty
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