Lessons From My Lawyer in Network Marketing

Lessons From My Lawyer in Network Marketing

life_lessonsThere is a powerful message I learned from my lawyer in network marketing. I wanted to blog about it today, and it may not be what you are thinking right now.

Now my lawyer is not on my network marketing team or is he in network marketing to my knowledge. Let me explain.

It is the way he portrays himself.

How Did This All Start?

One night I was driving and a drunk driver crashed into me. He totaled my car and an off duty officer saw him blow a red light. This happened very close to a police station so the cops were there very quickly.

After the accident a friend referred me to a lawyer. I met with him and went over everything that happened. Months went by, and no communication from my lawyer at all. Now it’s been almost two years and every time I would call he was busy or on another call and would call me back. I was wondering why he never responded to my phone calls? Now keep in mind I wasn’t calling him every day being a pest, I would call every few months.

Now I started to think this isn’t normal so I started asking friends and family.  They were also surprised and said, “this doesn’t sound right.” I got other lawyers involved and asked them what I should do. Someone recommended I speak to this one lawyer that might take my case. Now by this time I was getting frustrated, so I called the lawyer I was referred to and told him what was going on. After I told him what was happening I said, “are all lawyers like this?” He said, “no but people are like this.” I knew immediately what I said was not right, but out of frustration that is what came out.

The point is I prejudged the entire legal profession out of frustration by saying that. This is what people do in network marketing. They say things like its a scam, or it doesn’t work, I tried that, or they blame a company, product, pay plan or even a network marketer.

Final Thoughts

I didn’t want to blast my lawyer in a blog post. That is bad energy and doesn’t serve me. Instead I wanted to turn this into a message to help you next time you are not taking responsibility for your actions. Before you speak, think about what you are saying. I hope this message serves you. If you got value please comment below.

Much Success and Gratitude!

Tom Doherty

Tom Doherty

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  1. Awsome tip. I will keep that in mind. Thank you Tom.

  2. Awsome tip. I will keep that in mind. Thank you Tom.

  3. ” O’ so true

  4. Thanks Neil!!

  5. Tom asked me to post my comments… so I am doing that. I am an attorney specializing in conflict management/ resolution (especially mediation, arbitration and transaction facilitation). The two keys to conflict management are: 1. manage expectations; and 2. communicate to better manage expectations. If you have no expectations, you can't be disappointed. As far as YOUR lawyer is concerned, If you had NO WRITTEN retainer agreement, then you did not have "YOUR" lawyer. The lawyer did not agree to represent you. Your lawyer must have a written retainer agreement with you before he/she can represent you. Similarly, in network marketing, you need a written agreement. That may include a written Associate Agreement with a compensation plan and other information that governs your relationship with the company and your downline and upline. The problem with many network marketing programs is they create unreasonable expectations … just sponsor 2-3 people and let the process of duplication do the rest. Without hard work, strong leadership and a proven duplicate-able mode that you, yourself, can duplicate, no network marketing business will work for you.

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