Learn How to Setup a Membership Site With S2Member Day 6

Learn How to Setup a Membership Site With S2Member Day 6

s2member-paypalWelcome as we move along to day 6! Setting up a membership site with S2Member.

Today we are going to set up PayPal, but first let’s do a recap.

Day 1-5 Recap

Day 1 recap – I have given you some suggestions on creating a product. When your product is done, it’s time to setup your blog. If you are someone that finds setting up a blog easy, do it yourself. If not, outsource it.

Day 2 recap – I showed you exactly which S2Member plugin to install. It can get confusing because when you type in S2Member in the plugins search you will see different versions.

Day 3 recap – I talked about setting up your pages and gave you some examples. It’s important to set up your pages before you move into configuring S2Member.

Day 4 recap – I showed you how to setup your “login welcome page” and your “membership options page.” These are two very important pages of the S2member plugin.

Day 5 recap – I showed you how to set up restrictions to all of your pages. You want to do this so it locks down your site. You want to have your pages locked down for members only.

Day 6- Setting up PayPal

On day 6, I show you how to setup PayPal. In the video below I show you in detail. First you want to go to the PayPal options section. Configure it to your PayPal account. Next you want to go to the PayPal button section and create a PayPal Button.

Video Day 6 – Setting Up A Membership Site With S2Member

Make sure you configure the PayPal options section before you create the button, or it won’t work. If you don’t have a PayPal account and need to set one up click here. We covered a lot and at this point if you are following along you should have your membership site up and running. If you have any questions please comment below and I will see you on day 7.

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