Learn How to Setup a Membership Site With S2Member Day 3

Learn How to Setup a Membership Site With S2Member Day 3

membership site trainingsMoving along to day 3! Setting up your membership site with S2Member. I hope you retained some value from day 1 and 2, let’s do a recap.

Day 1 & 2 Recap

Day 1 recap – I have given you some suggestions on creating a product. When your product is done, it’s time to setup your blog. If you are someone that finds setting up a blog easy, do it yourself. If not, outsource it.

Day 2 recap – I showed you exactly which S2Member plugin to install. It can get confusing because when you type in S2Member in the plugins search you will see different versions.

Day 3 – Setting up Your Pages

The next step would be setting up your pages. Before you start configuring the S2Member plugin, it’s important you have your pages setup. Watch this video I show you how to setup your pages and show you my site for ideas.

Video Day 3 – Setting Up A Membership Site With S2Member

Get creative! I hope this video gave you some ideas for your site. If you were unsure how to setup your pages, watch this video a few times. In day 4 we are going to start to configure the S2member plugin on your site. You will see it’s very user friendly.

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