Two Important Accountability Questions on Moving Forward

Two Important Accountability Questions on Moving Forward

sales questionsIf you say and do these two important accountability questions you will see yourself and the people you are working with move forward a lot faster.

Also, these important accountability questions work best if you associate yourself with like minded people.

Forming a Mastermind Group

For the last few years I’ve been meeting with a group of entrepreneurs once a week. We usually meet at a Panera Bread location. The biggest impact in meeting is sharing ideas with like minded people and holding each other accountable.

Who do you know right now that you could call up that is entrepreneurial, positive, successful or just people with the attitude? That person is going somewhere big. People that inspire you. Form a mastermind group with them today.

2 Important Accountability Questions

The two most important questions you can ask a person who is serious about moving forward in business and life are.

1) What will you do next?

2) By when will you do it?

Sometimes a person is excited and has an idea, but life takes over and they never get to it. If you have someone holding you accountable asking you these questions you have a better chance at making those ideas happen.

Final Thoughts

I recently read the book write it down make it happen. That is where this idea came from. There was a lot of great information that really stuck with me. Because I am someone that writes everyday and I do believe in writing things down. I have some other great blogs I am going to write based on this book. Thanks for reading if you learned something leave me a comment.


Much Success and Gratitude!

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