How to Write Craigslist Ads With Confidence

How to Write Craigslist Ads With Confidence

How to Write Craigslist AdsHaving a tough time writing a Craigslist ad?

In this blog I am going to share with you some tips to write your Craigslist ads with confidence.

Why Titles Are So Important

My first job I worked with this guy and during our morning break he would always read the newspaper. I never really read the newspaper at this point. So one day I asked him, what he was reading and he answered that there was not really any good titles. You notice people often read titles first before they actually read the ad. If the title does not captivate any interest they move on to the next title. This shows you should not try and write the perfect ad, instead work on writing the perfect title!

Creating The Body

After you figure out the perfect title, now it is time to create the body of the ad. The layout should look something like the following. Create one or two sentences at the top that are congruent with what you said in your title to keep the interest going. Next, hit enter and create three to five sentences to really drive in what your ad is about. An example would be if you are talking about a service you want to offer them, you would write the value of using service and how you can help them or fix their problem. Next, you want to hit enter and write a one or sentence for your call to action. Don’t just write “call me” and include your name. That is not professional, here is blog I found with 30 call to action examples. You can use this to help come up with yours.

Testimonials = Bonus

Now that you have the title and body of your ad locked down, lets talk a little about testimonials. I would guess that less than five percent of Craigslist ads use testimonials in their actual ad. Hit enter a couple of times at the end of your ad and write one or two real testimonials for your product or service. Don’t write more than a few because it doesn’t look professional. This will build trust with the person that is reviewing your ad.

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  1. Another important aspect is to break up the copy with no more than 3 to 4 lines per paragraph

    People tend to gloss over what is being said if your paragraph is one huge block of words

    Readers need and want fast and easy

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