How to Start an Advertising Lead Co-op on Craigslist

No matter what your profession is you can start a marketing lead co-op on Craigslist. Everybody wants more leads, let’s go over how you can set this campaign up.

Who Can Use This Model?

If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, real estate professional, network marketer, or really part of any profession, you can use this model to your benefit. I used to be involved in the network marketing profession so I will show you how I used this model successfully there.

Anyone in network marketing is always looking for more leads and looking for more leads to give to their team. Craigslist is a great place to start because you want to create activity fast. This activity will keep your team mates active and engaged so they don’t get distracted to much and also this activity will lead to new results.

What You Need to Get Started

If you get everything you need to start it will be easier to introduce this to your team members. You step up as a leader and start to prepare everything and then introduce this to them.

  • 1 ad created (ad, image and title)
  • 1 phone number ( I recommend Google Voice)
  • 2 emails (1 email that sends the opportunity, 1 follow-up email)

Now that you started to gather up everything needed to start listed above, let’s start putting this all together so you can begin. When you create the ad keep the ad, image and title generic. Don’t give all the details right away. Create some curiosity, give the lead a reason to call you.

Creating the Voicemail & Emails

Creating the voicemail is the same concept as writing the ad. Keep the voicemail generic and ask the lead to leave their name, phone number and best time to call them back. Never answer the phone when they call. As the leads come in either you, someone on your team, or a personal assistant will distribute the leads to whomever is involved in the lead co-op. As for the first email it should be short and direct them to a website where you can pre-qualify them. Have the second email contain some type of follow-up email.

Manage The Lead Co-op

One more thing before starting the co-op. Find out how many people want to be in the co-op, collect the money, pick the city, and section. How you find out the cost is easy depending on where you post the ads, the cost can range from $7 – $75 per post. Divide that between how many people are involved in the co-op. Pay and post the ad(s) and when the leads come in have yourself, someone on your team or a person assistant distribute the leads.

The first network marketing company I was involved in had a lead co-op and it was three hundred dollars per slot. I was lucky if I got 1 customer a month from that co-op. If you were to buy leads and you want decent leads that aren’t sold to a lot of people they will probably cost you around $5 per lead. These results aren’t so promising.

The Craigslist marketing lead co-op will cost each slot a few dollars depending on how many people are involved and the leads are exclusive to you. Keep in mind this is an example how I used it in network marketing, but this will work great for any other profession.

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Tom Doherty
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