How to Sell Super Fast on Craigslist

How to Sell Super Fast on Craigslist

tttDid you ever sell something on Craigslist that took forever to sell?

In this blog I am going to share with you a few tips that worked for me to help speed things up to sell super fast on Craigslist. 

Although this blog is focused on Craigslist you can use these tips as a great resource to sell on any site you use to sell, like Ebay, Facebook Market Place, Letgo or even Backpage.

High Price = Faster

You always want to sell high. That might sound like the complete opposite of what you would normally do selling on Craigslist and maybe even a waste of time. Here is why you always win if you price high. When you sell something on Craigslist almost 100% of the time the other person will always try and ask for a cheaper price than listed. This takes a lot of going back and fourth trying to agree on a price. So if you wanted $100 for something you are selling, list it for a $125.  When the other person interested asks you to lower your price, you won’t have to think about it to much and you can agree a lot quicker.

Be Analytical

When you are writing your description, take an extra minute to think of questions you would ask if you were buying the same item for yourself. Here is an example if you are listing a piece of furniture make sure you write the measurements in the description. Because if you don’t this will be one of the first questions someone will ask you. Now you have to go back and measure the item. If you had the measurements listed in the description already, that person or someone else could of purchased it already.

Real Pictures

What I mean by real pictures is use your own. The last thing you want to do is not use your pictures. Take a few shots of what you are selling. If you are selling a jacket make sure you take a picture of the front, back and even the tag. Most people just take a picture of the front of the item. If you are selling a refrigerator take a picture of the front, back, opened and also the model number. Don’t just take one picture. As soon as you list it you are going to receive emails from potential buyers asking for more pictures.

Use this as a checklist the next time you sell on Craigslist. There are other tips you can do to help you sell faster, but these work really well and are easy that anyone can implement and start doing immediately. Good luck selling your items and share this on Social Media if you found it helpful.

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