How to Protect Yourself From an Online Scammer

How to Protect Yourself From an Online Scammer

scam-artistDid you ever get scammed by an online scammer?

I have recently and I am going to share with you some tips on how to protect yourself and what to look for, so you can hopefully prevent the situation from happening to you or someone you know.

First, I am not writing this blog to point fingers at the person who scammed me and to disclose who it was. Let that negative energy build up on their side, you can’t keep taking people’s money or not pay someone money owed and expect to win in the long run.

Online Scam Story

Recently, I tried a service and thought it was a good idea to offer the people that follow me. I only promote products or services I personally use. At first, I saw this service as a solution to the problems my target audience was experiencing. So I became an affiliate, but more like a re-seller of this service. At first everything seemed to be ok. Within a few weeks red flags started to appear. This person always had an excuse, especially when it came to paying the money owed to me.

Because of this I decided to back off. It is a good thing that this happened to me early on. Whenever I am in a situation where money doesn’t come to me for whatever reason, I never get mad or upset, it was just meant to be and the money always comes in faster from another source.

How Can You Prevent a Scammer

Going forward I am really going to keep a close eye on these three tips I mention to you below.

Transparency |  If you can’t be transparent with the person you are doing business with, you should run the other way. It is very hard to not be transparent with the internet. You have websites and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter as resources for finding information. If you can’t find any Google tracks on that person online they are probably giving you false information about themselves or their business.

Old & Outdated Content | If someone is selling a product or service they most likely have a website, blog or videos online. So if you search and can’t find any content or the content is very old there is a problem. An example would be if you are looking to hire someone as a consultant and their content is very old and outdated ask them questions and see if they are still relevant in your niche.

Excuse-Mode | Don’t just jump in and start working with them. Ask them questions and learn more about them. Be aware of excuses. When people have a lot of excuses usually they are lying and hiding something. Don’t hang around to find out. They will probably have an excuse when it comes to paying you your money.

I could go on and on, but these were the biggest red flags that I saw from my recent experience. Did you find these tips useful? I hope they help prevent a scam or scammer on your end.

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