How To Predict Your Success In Network Marketing

How To Predict Your Success In Network Marketing

business planI’ve never met anyone successful and full-time in network marketing that did not have a daily routine. You can actually predict your success when you master this.  Wouldn’t it be cool if you could actually predict your success? In this post I will help you craft your own daily routine.

In the first 8 months I was able to go full-time my first go at MLM. Even though I was working hard I found myself doing things that wouldn’t really predict my success. Like watching movies in the middle of day instead of prospecting. There is nothing wrong with watching movies, after you get your work done.

Here is an updated version of my current routine. Sometimes I mix it up a little.

Tom’s Routine

1-2 hours of passive marketing – (Craigslist, Backpage, Ads, Post-it Notes, etc.) I do this early in the morning or late at night when I can’t make calls. This helps me hit my numbers.

2-3 hours of active prospecting – This is where I am on the phone, email or some type of chat making connections and building relationships with people with the intent to prospect them.

MDP -Every morning I read out loud my Major Definite Purpose. This is from Think and Grow Rich. It’s a top goal that is important to you at that moment.

Goals/Afformations/Grateful – I write and read out load my afformations, top 3 monthly goals and 3 things I am grateful for that day. This only takes about 15 minute’s tops. It’s hard not to do something like this every day and change your thinking for success.

Meditate – I do this about 15 minutes every day. This calms me down, clears my mind and helps me come up with great ideas.

Read – Leaders are readers.  I read about 30 minutes a day.  Right now I am reading the Sedona Method.  Great course, I will write a review when I finish.

Blog/Video – This is something I just started to implement. I create 1 piece of content everyday like a blog or video.

Exercise – I do 30-45 minutes a day of some type of exercise. It’s different all the time.  It may just be to take a walk with some family.


In the video below is a detailed presentation on this topic. Don’t get overwhelmed. You know this is crucial for your success in MLM. Let this post and video help craft your own. Decide today to do it!  Model my routine if you like.

Video Daily Routine For Network Marketers

Don’t do what I did in the beginning and sit around watching movies instead of prospecting lol. I hope this helps you master this important aspect of your business. I want to give a shout out to Ray Higdon. He is well known in the industry for his daily routine. I am listening and writing notes every time he puts something out on this topic. The video is lots of notes I have written down from things I learned from Ray.

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Much Success and Gratitude!

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