How to Pick The Best MLM Comp Plan

How to Pick The Best MLM Comp Plan

thinking aboutDoes an MLM comp plan really matter? Should you be concerned about your company’s compensation plan?

You hear network marketers all the time say, “we have the best comp plan in MLM.”

Are All MLM Comp Plans Equal

They are not all the same, but it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day.

Some people will argue with me to the finish about this but it’s true. Here is why it is true. The best MLM comp plan is the one you are building. The one you are active in. The one you are receiving a check each month from. That is the best MLM comp plan!

How to Figure Out Your MLM Comp Plan

Sometimes people can get confused easily, trying to figure out how to get paid in their company pay plan. The best way to learn the money, is to just get active in your business.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t understand how your comp plan works. If your a network marketer you know that the people that dissect the comp plan before they even get started rarely ever get started anyway. Once you start creating a check you can match things up with your company’s pay plan and figure out how you got paid. You can even call customer service and ask them questions about your check to better understand.

Final Thoughts

So get away from the whole “we have the best pay plan in world syndrome” for a minute.  The best thing to do is get active in yours and get paid. For a second let’s say it did matter, and you weren’t actively building and getting a check would it matter?  I laugh every time I hear that type of talk.

Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on MLM comp plans.

Much Success and Gratitude!

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  1. I disagree that “the best plan is the one you are building.” You might be getting a check (and even a large one) and you might love the company and the products, etc. All that is great and it doesn’t mean you should stop building.

    But it doesn’t make it the best comp plan.

    If I go to buy a new TV and find one one sale at Best Buy for 10% off, I might be happy, take the deal and have my new TV up and running in an hour. I’m happy watching 60 inches of glorious high definition TV!! But if I had gone next door to WalMart, I would have found that exact same TV on sale for $200 less.

    Did I get the “best” deal? Not at all. If I’m happy with the TV from Best Buy then good for me for being happy, but I didn’t get the best deal.

    And the same is true with comp plans. I might love the company and the products and the checks. But there could be better checks with a better plan elsewhere. And I can stick with my company that might not pay me as much (or who takes money I’ve generated because it’s a crappy plan), but if I’m happy with that, then so be it and I’ll ignore the better plan out there that pays me more and rewards me more for my hard work.

  2. Hey Tom!
    Thanks for your words. I remember at one point, you and I had a discussion about our seperate companies comp plan. I think you’re right, the best one is the one you signed up for and have commited yourself to achieve success in. I’ve had people tell me their comp plans were better than mine and little did they know that I knew, their company was going bankrupt. I’ve noticed people leaving companies and jumping to another company because their comp plan is “better” then months later they are begging to come back. In any business, your income is determined by your drive and your ability to create and maintain a winning environment. When you’re happy, any other companies comp plan doesn’t matte because you are happy where you are.

    Yes there are various comp plans, but not every company is for everyone. Do what makes sense.

    • Hey Dana! Your welcome, I remember that conversation we had on this topic. Appreciate your input!

  3. Good article Tom and some interesting responses. While I do feel that the comp plan is important there are other factors which need to be considered, such as having a quality product and financially solid company. I believe it is your passion and belief in the product and company that will have more of an impact on your success.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for your input Brian! Passion and belief do play a big part as well in your success.

  4. Great article makes you think and review your own Comp Plan. I look for integrity with the owners of the company, a financially sound background, a comp plan that does not change, products and services that are essential to everyday use (quality products and services( With quick start bonuses, open line bonuses, monthly residual income, building generational wealth. Along with strong BB Ratings and strong documentation!

    • Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Great advise for people to think about when joining an MLM!

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