How to Market Your Blog on Craigslist

How to Market Your Blog on Craigslist

Promote-your-blogMost people advertise their business, products or service on Craigslist. Why not market your blog on Craigslist?

Craigslist gets tons of traffic to their site every single day. More and more new faces seem to visit.

I haven’t really seen to many people try this new strategy. Keep reading and watch the video below for a step by step tutorial how to market your blog on Craigslist.

Does Your Blog URL Matter?

You want to figure out this step first because sometimes your blog url might be a bit to long. Sometimes having a shorter url makes it easier for interested people to click on. You may be thinking of a shortening url service like tinyurl or Sites like these will not work Craigslist because they do not allow shortening services. They also block affiliate links because users spam these type of links. What I use and recommend is pretty link.

Check out this video on how you can use pretty link to get your blog url shorter.

Video ► How to Post Your Blog on Craigslist
Most people may be thinking where should you post your blog on Craigslist? I find that the ‘general’ section under community works best. One of the reasons I picked this section is because the allow you to post live links. Meaning your url will be clickable. Leave me a comment and post your first blog post on Craigslist below.


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