How to Keep Your Ad Live After You Renew

When you have live ads on Craigslist and it’s time to renew, does your ad get deleted? Let’s discuss why this happens and what you can do to fix the problem.

What is a Renewed Ad

When you post an ad on Craigslist after 48 hours you can renew that ad. It’s actually a really nice feature because Craigslist has tens of millions of ads posted every single month. After you post your ads they can get lost quickly in all the ads posted especially in bigger cities. Instead of you posting a new ad you can click renew and your ad your posted a few days ago that is lost at the bottom of all these ads goes right to the top again. Just like you posted an ad, but instead you just click renew. You won’t see this feature until 48 hours after you posted. Here is an example of what it will look like right from Craigslist.

Deleted After Renewed

If your ad is live and you click renew does your ad get deleted? This is actually a common problem and you won’t find the answer searching Craigslist. Why does this happen? I will share with you 2 reasons why.

First and the most common reason why this happens is because a few people may have flagged your ad. There is no notification if someone flags your ad. If a few people flag your ad it won’t get deleted at first. Chances are if you try and renew that ad it will flag almost instantly. If enough people flag your ad you won’t even get the option to renew.

Second you are trying to renew an ad from a different location from where you posted. An example would be you are posting ads in New York and you decide to take a trip to Florida and while your in Florida you want to renew your ads. Because Craigslist sees you posting from different locations chances are your ads will get flagged.

Prevent This From Happening

First and the most common way is a competitor or someone just flagged your ad for no reason. Unfortunately, you can’t stop that from happening. Here is a little trick you can do. Don’t renew your ads, repost them. What I mean is post the ad and let it expire. You may think this is a waste of time, but it’s not. When your ad expires a repost option becomes available. You click that and it’s just like posting a new ad. Most of the time if the ad stays live till it expires Craigslist will not delete that ad.

Second way to prevent this from happening is to not renew ads from different areas. You can leave your computer on and setup some type of remote software to login remotely and renew or post if its mandatory or just wait till you get back to the originally location where the ads were posted.

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