How to Generate Free Online, Offline and Mobile Leads

How to Generate Free Online, Offline and Mobile Leads


generate leadsA friend reached out to me asking for some new free ways to generate network marketing leads for his business. I gave him 3 different ways and later realized that they were an online, offline and mobile way.

So I thought it would be beneficial if I shared it with everyone in this blog post.

New to Generating Leads?

If you are new, know that you should add this in while you are actively prospecting. Get really familiar with prospecting so when the leads come in you know what to do with them. It’s a great feeling when you have free MLM leads coming in. But if you don’t know what to say to these leads what good are they?

Always call your leads back. This may sound funny, but do you know their are tons of network marketers out there that don’t even call their leads back. Another thing to keep in mind is a lead is a lead is a lead. This always stuck with me. It means all leads are equal. It’s up to you to get better at enrolling them in your business.

Free Online, Offline and Mobile Leads

These 3 sources work amazing if you get good at using them.

My favorite online place to get leads is Craigslist. You can target local and national areas. Sometimes as soon as you place an ad you get instant leads. How cool is it to have a new person that doesn’t know that much have a small victory like that. Even with the new rules of Craigslist you can still get a few live ads to stick. If you stay consistent with this over time you can get lots of eyeballs on your ads. For more free Craigslist training watch this interview.

My favorite offline place to get leads is using Post-it Notes. It works so much better than flyers. You get a self-ink stamper with an ad directing the person to go to a capture page or voice mail. I like using a voice mail better. To me if someone sees the ad and calls it, that person is qualified.  Once you stamp the post-it note you place them around your neighborhood. The calls will start to come in. If this is your first time hearing about this, go here and check out my detailed video on how to set this up.

My favorite mobile place to get leads is Instagram. When I first heard about this little picture app for your phone, I didn’t even want to play around with it. I didn’t understand the power of networking with it. You post a picture and people start communicating with you. You just want to start networking with them. Don’t try and sell and pitch them, get to know them and when the time is right show them your business. Watch this if you need help with Instagram.

Wrap up

Remember to actively prospect while you are creating your leads. Always call your leads back! Become a master at working your leads. A lead is a lead is a lead. Implement these 3 online, offline and mobile techniques. Now got out there and create massive leads for your MLM business!

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Much Success and Gratitude!

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  1. Many thank or the great advice, I have been actually leaving business cards and handing them out to people at supermarkets and they have been asking me about my business , I m planning of carrying my ipad with me and I have a t shirt with my company logo requesting people to stop me if they want to make mot online and at the back it says tap me lol I am going o pend most of the day tomorrow trying to generate leads with getting people to complete the capture page from my ipad

  2. Your Welcome Kulbushan! If that is working for you Rock on!

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