How to Create Free PVA’s That Work For Craigslist

  1. this is good for me

  2. this is good for me

  3. Thanks brother!

  4. Great work Tom!! Keep it up!! ;)

  5. Thanks Chandra!

  6. Awesome Content !!!

  7. Craigslist will never except any of my ads? Why?

  8. Harry, I am not sure what you mean?

  9. why in the world i just found your blog today? yesterday I bought a crap video for 5 dollars to show me how to make free PVAs… this is indeed the “HOLY GRAIL” man… thank you so much

  10. Great post Tom! As usual, you are right on the money! Worked like a charm. Thanks for the insight.

  11. Worked great for me. Just don't use the cl text verification, use the phone call instead. This is awesome!!! No more spending money to get phone numbers for pva's!!!

  12. this doesn’t work anymore even with phone call verification. Craigslist will not recognize the numbers.

  13. This is very helpful tips & tricks for anyone.
    Thanks a lot

  14. just tried it and worked when got a call from another phone, but not getting the calls from craigslist any thoughts?

  15. i want how to make the pva created stym please tall me anybody.
    it,s my email address >

  16. Do you have any other method to create cl pva

  17. Hi,

    This was really a superb trick. Thank!

  18. Its not Proper Work

  19. not working it's shows server not good

    • Thanks for the update, everything is back up and working

  20. hey bro i need to get PVA account how can i ?? skype : amitskhd

  21. i need help to get PVA numbers or verification from US mobile number

  22. Did all the steps and Craigslist said the number could not be verified. I am sure this is just like Google numbers and Craiglist has a way to recognize them.

  23. How can I use this when craigslist ask me the US phone number posting ads?

  24. This app does not work on Craigslist.

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