How Does Phone Verification Work?

How Does Phone Verification WorkStill confused on how phone verification works? It is just a phone number you need to verify your account on a social networking site.

Craigslist was one of the first to implement phone verification. When creating an account you need to provide a phone number. This is to cut back on spam, scams and other types of illegal activity.  I found an article the other day that was written eight years ago about Craigslist is now using phone verification on all their accounts.

Craigslist may have been the first to start using this. Now you need phone verification almost every time you create an account anywhere with a username and password. Like Google and Facebook use phone verification just to name a few.

Do All Phone Numbers Work?

After you create your account with your username and password, you will be asked to verify the account with a phone number. Not all numbers work when you try to verify your account. Every site is a little different, but these rules are generally standard. You cannot use any type of toll free number (800, 877) and you cannot use any type of voice over IP number (VOIP). Not everyone will know what a VOIP number is so I will explain. This is a number giving to you over the internet, not through a local phone company, like Verizon or AT&T. An example of a VOIP number is Google Voice. Sorry if you have that number and think it will work, but it won’t. After you give them a working phone number, they will text or call you with a number code to type in as a last step.

Will Free Phone Number Apps Work?

Because you can only use one phone number to verify your account, people tend to look for free phone number apps to do phone verification. I used to promote this, but I don’t anymore. Here is why, first, it is not right and unethical to use the free phone app just for a number and keep creating accounts to get more and more phone numbers with no intentions of paying that company money. Second, most of these free phone number apps are VOIP numbers anyway. So it is very hard to get them to work with your phone verification.

Where Can You Get Working PVA’s

Usually we all have one or two numbers. Typically a cell and maybe a landline. So what if you used them already and you want to create another account? There are lots of ways to get working phone numbers. You may have other members in your house that have an extra phone number you can use. Maybe you can use your work number or a friend. Here are just a few, but if you get creative I am sure you can think of a few more.

There are also a bunch of companies that sell working pva numbers you can use for phone verification. Click here to see the company I use.

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