George Zalucki Mind And Emotions Review Part 2

Review: George Zalucki’s Mind And Emotion CD Part 2

george zalucki speakerIf You Missed Part 1. Read it Here First.

Part 1: Wrap Up

The power of thinking: We need to be constantly aware of our thoughts. Our thoughts create everything in existence. They are previous to what shows up in our lives. Our thoughts are creating our reality. We need to recognize the value and necessity of setting goals.

Once a person gets a level of awareness about how things operate they can move very swiftly through time to mastery.

George gets even deeper into emotions and feelings on CD2.

13 Powerful Takeaways on Emotions and Feelings

#1 – We can have anything in our lives, if we knew how to develop mastery of emotional response. People who get on with life learn how to include unpleasant emotions and keep on going.

#2 – Take responsibility for your emotions.  Because we created in our minds what they mean. Most people are afraid. We are afraid to feel. We lack venerability around our feelings.

#3 – People put up shields to protect themselves from any situation. That’s going to trigger the possibility of you experiencing an unpleasant emotion.

#4 – People have the ability for radical transformation and change.

#5 – Responsibility broken up is the ability to respond. Nobody can get you upset but you. You are the only one that can do anything to you emotionally.

#6 – Decide to choose your emotional response. When people say, I don’t want to do that. What they are really saying is I don’t want to feel this. I don’t want to feel that. Every situation you will find you are running from your feelings.

#7 – We are all born with the skills to achieve. We have emotions to help us survive. We have used our emotions very counterproductive over years. It’s time we wake up on how to use them effectively.

#8 – People who are the most scared to lose, generally have the least to lose. Risk takers end up on top. Those that that play it safe live with the illusion that, that’s the answer.

#9 – The great you will never show up until you play you. People don’t care who tries.  The only thing people care about is who participated until they achieved.

#10 – The key to life, success, happiness and fulfillment is to recognize your individuality. You are unique!

#11 – No growth, no reward.

#12 – No one can take your self respect or dignity away from you, you can only give it away.

#13 – Where a human being sits today is precisely where they settled for at that point in time.

This is my final thoughts on mind and emotions. Hope you enjoyed this review. Again just to be real clear: I am not on George Zalucki’s Network Marketing team, nor am I promoting any affiliate links for him. I am just a fan writing a review.  I love his trainings. You can check out his store here. Mind and Emotions is a double CD 2 hour presentation.  There is so much value on this CD set.

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