George Zalucki Mind And Emotions Review Part 1

Review: George Zalucki’s Mind And Emotion CD Part 1

george zalucki mlmDid you ever have to be somewhere really early in the morning? You set your alarm clock and you woke up 1 minute before the alarm went off?

Your mind is so powerful. You actually gave your subconscious mind a firm, solid, directive and it obeyed you while you were sleeping.

That is what George Zalucki’s Mind And Emotion CD is about.

Who Is George Zalucki?

George Zalucki is considered among the very best personal development trainers in the world today. His adroit style of communicating has captured his listening and reading audiences, compelling them to look closely at what really stops them from getting what they want out of life.

George is a former college dean, teacher of Psychology, Sociology and counselor. He was a corporate VP of a Network Marketing company based in Dallas, TX. He has been an Independent Representative for 33 years, rising to the top of several companies. He has built large organizational sales teams of over 150,000 distributors in 21 countries. His sales volume has exceeded $20 million per month, while earning millions of dollars in Network Marketing. You can read more about George here.

The first network marketing company I was building had George speak at one of their conventions. That is when I was introduced to Mind and Emotions. This CD has been a huge influence on me.  I must have listened to it hundreds of times. It’s something that you can listen to over and over again.  You will always learn something new.

5 Powerful Takeaways From Mind And Emotions

Most people stop far short of the commitment necessary to earn or deserve success.

Set direct distinct goals. The #1 common denominator of all failures was they did not understand the value of goals. Clearly define and know what it is you want. Goals are like a scale. Their perfectly balanced, and the balance is this. Whatever it is you say you want on one-side of the scale.  Be real clear what you don’t want to do or put up with is an equal amount on the other side of the scale. If you want a lot you have to be prepared to include a lot.

In order for your life, finances and relationships to get better, you need to get better.

The most god like quality we possess as a human being. The ability to imagine. The ability to fashion in the mind, that will eventually come to pass. Imagine people not using imagination? This creates visibility. The minute you can imagine something and you let it start to work. You can let it start to create and visualize the possibilities in your mind. You can actually see yourself where you want to be. Until you see yourself where you want to be. You may never get there!

Two men sat behind bars, one saw mud the other saw stars.

Visualize what you want. What is the central core desire of your life? Don’t be confused. What is it you want? Most people don’t think to that depth. Great achievers thought to this depth. They knew they would have massive power if they thought to this depth.

What the thinker thinks, the prover proves. So when the thinker thinks I can’t the prover, proves your right.

If you stay at something, you have the power to achieve it. Every great achiever believed that they could eventually accomplish what they wanted to, if they didn’t give up the vision of their dream.  Most people fail because they do not stay at things long enough to succeed. A person believing in themselves is a person of power.

I shall persist until I succeed

Doing the thing you said you would do long after the mood you said it in has left you. It transforms a promise into reality. Has the ability to make history. It is the underpinnings of all great achievements. Somebody has to be committed. Commitment is nothing more than you declaring what it is you want, and you staying with it till you get it. It’s tied directly to persistence.


Hope you enjoyed this review on Mind and Emotions. I am not on George Zalucki’s Network Marketing team, nor am I promoting any affiliate links for him. I am just a fan writing a review.  I love his trainings. You can check out his store here. Mind and Emotions is a double CD 2 hour presentation.  There is so much value on this CD set. This is a review on CD1. I will post a review later this week on CD2.

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  1. Tommy…this guy changed my life Forever for the better! First heard him when I was 22 years old and his message was so powerful and compelling. It helped me to see things in a whole new light. and understand that I could be, do , and have anything that I desired. it just required a few changes in my own thinking. Love this guy…and try to spread his message everywhere I go! lkook forward to catching up with you soon!
    All the Best, Dick Winslow

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