Free Software to Help YOU With Live Ads on Craigslist

Free Software to Help YOU With Live Ads on Craigslist

1If you are having trouble with live ads on Craigslist, this free software can help increase your live ad percentage.

This is something advanced posters on Craigslist use daily and its very easy to use and effective.  The name of the company that created the software is called “Piriform”, and the software is called “CCleaner”. 

You can download CCleaner here.

This software was created to clear and remove unwanted junk files from your computer. It wasn’t designed to help you with your live ads. But, if you implement this into your posting routine it will work great for you.

Why CCleaner Works

I mentioned earlier that CCleaner was created to clear and remove unwanted junk files from your computer, so why does this work with Craigslist? What does removing junk files from your computer have to do with helping you post more live ads?

Craigslist monitors everything you do and one of the ways they do this is by putting cookies on your computer. A simple way to understand cookies is this, Cookies are a unique fingerprint exclusive to you. So, as you log into Craigslist and start posting ads CL can know your every move. They monitor your behavior for all types of reasons. Some of the reasons they do this is to make sure you are not doing anything illegal, posting spam and posting to often. Every Social Network monitors what you do even when you log into Facebook they are tracking what you are doing.

Top Questions Asked/Answered About CCleaner

There is a free version and a paid version, which one works better?

As of now there is a professional version which is paid and a free version. The free version works perfect for you will be using it for.

How do I setup CCleaner?

Go here and download CCleaner. Once you install the program on your computer don’t change any settings. Just open and click run program. That is all you need to know.

How often should I run CCleaner?

You don’t have to run the program after every ad you post, but I would run CCleaner when you start posting in an account. So, if you are using 5 different accounts, run CCleaner before you log into each of the accounts.

If I am just posting 1 or 2 ads a day, from 1 or 2 accounts do I still need CCleaner?

CCleaner is really meant to use if you are posting 2+ ads a day and using 2+ accounts. But if you are experiencing flagged or deleted ads I would add this method.

Will CCleaner help me get every single ad live?

No, nothing will help you get every single ad live. This is just something you can add in to help.

Can CCleaner help me get ad live Nationwide?

Although CCleaner won’t help you get ads live Nationwide, you should still use this when posting local, surrounding cities and Nationwide. To post Nationwide you will need to change your IP.

CCleaner Bonus

Not only will CCleaner help you with your Craigslist advertising, this will actually make your computer run better. Who doesn’t want a faster computer that runs more efficiently? The first time you run CCleaner it will take a long time. Because it is the first time getting rid of all the junk files built up over time. After the first time it usually takes about a minute to run.

Do you have a question about CCleaner that I missed? Post your questions in the comments and will respond.

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