Float Tank Review & Meditation, Which is Better?

Float Tank Review & Meditation, Which is Better?

floating vs meditationMy personal experience using float therapy and meditation. Using meditation for years, when I heard of float therapy, this sounded really interesting.

When searching on Google, I was surprised there was a place that offered float therapy right here in town a minute from me.

What is Float Therapy

Now, if you never heard of float therapy or floating it is where you sit in a warm pool of water with hundreds of pounds of epson salt. There is that much salt in the water that you will naturally float to the top of the water effortlessly. Your probably wondering some of floating. The epson salt pulls the toxins out of your body and relaxes your muscles. There are also mental health benefits such as letting go of stress, clearing your mind, creative thinking and many more.

So far I floated twice. The first time I floated in what is called a float tank. The second time I floated in the room. The room is more open, so if you are claustrophobic definitely go with the room. Now when you float they give you ear plugs, make sure they are secured snug in your ears or you will hear water squishing around. Another thought to mention is do not open your eyes. You are in a pool with hundreds of pounds of salt, how do you think your eyes will feel when you open them. You want to get your head clear of thoughts such as what you do meditating. If you avoid these distractions it will be easier to relax. Usually your head is more clear in the morning, so you may want to try this in the morning not late afternoon. These suggestions will help you have a better experience if you decide to float. I tried floating twice and both times I opened my eyes, didn’t put the ear plus in snug and went Friday afternoon. This is like anything else, you get better the more you do it. The next time I plan on going in the morning and avoiding these distractions.

Meditate or Float?

Did you ever go for a walk in nature and just felt a little bit clearer or had a really creative idea. To me that is meditation. Meditation is something I do for ten minutes everyday. It clears my mind, relaxes me and helps me come up with really creative ideas. Sometimes I just sit quiet and other times I listen to something. I am always changing it up. There really is endless information on meditation. I will list a couple of YouTube videos I found that I use lately. Now one of the videos is three hours long. You should not meditate for three hours. I recommend listening to it for ten minutes.

Gratitude Meditation 

Relaxing Meditation 

That is a quick rundown of both my experiences with float therapy and meditation. Hope you like my tips so you have a better experience. Have you ever floated before or do you meditate?

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