Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned From My Grandpa

Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned From My Grandpa

grandpaI wanted to recognize someone very special in my life, my Grandpa. I learned so many entrepreneurial lessons from my grandpa. Below are just a few examples.

My grandpa passed away from Alzheimer’s disease. He had a was a big influence on me growing up and I learned a lot from him.

I think about him all the time and wanted to share some of his wisdom with you today.

Positive Thinking

He taught me to think positive

He was always so happy. The type of person you asked, “how is everything?” he would say, “great, if I was any better I would be worried.” He always felt good, I would laugh every time I heard this. I used to think to myself how could he be happy 24/7? He was not a whiner or complainer.

Family Man

He taught me to be close with my family

He loved everybody, especially his family. He loved to throw parties and would invite the whole family to come hang out. When he had free time and wasn’t working, the first thing he would do is something nice for his family. He liked to have and do nice things and everything evolved around his family.

Make Time Not Excuses

He taught me to make time not excuses

It amazes me that when it really comes down to time, people make all types of excuses. If someone is making excuses about time you are not a priority in their life. My grandpa ran a direct mail business with hundreds of employees. If I ever called him for something he was there. He made time not excuses.


He taught me to finish what I start

After his business, he moved on to real estate for a few years than network marketing. He was getting old and had lots of health challenges where the average person not only would not do network marketing, but wouldn’t do anything. Around this time my grandpa would wake up everyone morning and was really close to being blind. He couldn’t drive, but that did not stop him. He would walk around his neighborhood and build relationships with people. Make new friends tell them about the opportunity, hand them a flyer and invite them to a local opportunity meeting.

make money from homeNow keep in mind he was practically blind, didn’t drive, couldn’t use the internet, didn’t have a pretty flyer and had lots of health challenges. He still did this with a smile on his face. He was enrolling people all the time while other people were making excuses over nonsense things.

To the right is an exact copy of the flyer he would hand out to people. He obliviously sold himself not the flyer.

I hope you learned some wisdom and got inspired by my grandpa. If your grandparents are still alive call them up today or go visit them.

Love you Grandpa, thank you.

Much Success and Gratitude!

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